Sourcing Executives

UniversalAET is here to help you, sourcing executives

As a successful industrial power or utility sourcing executive, you are keenly aware of the need to find new ways to reduce the cost of components used in large-scale energy projects. You also know that it’s more than the initial quoted price that determines the true long-term outcome that can make or break a large energy project. No one wants to deal with delivery issues or components that can’t stand up to the rigor of today’s diverse power equipment installations.

These reasons are why more and more sourcing execs are turning to UniversalAET and our “you first” total solution approach for the highest quality air management components and systems they need to meet tough project requirements. With more than 50 years’ global experience with silencing and filtering solutions, emission, an unmatched team of engineering experts that can produce the exact component needed for the job, and a proven willingness to do whatever it takes to make a project successful, UniversalAET has earned the trust of thousands of sourcing executives like you from around the world.

And even though we produce the highest quality air management components available, we also understand the cost constraints and budget challenges you face, and give you Total Cost of Ownership . By owning our manufacturing facilities, we eliminate the costs associated with multi-vendor mark-up. And with our manufacturing capabilities around the world, we can keep a tight rein on supply chain costs. The net result of this approach is providing you with the peace of mind with a supplier that won’t fail you – while still maintaining a competitive price.