Filtering Solutions for Gas Turbine Retrofit

Custom Engineering, Perfected

Clean air solutions to ensure better turbine performance

The same quality, custom engineering and customer-first focus applied to new project engagements are also available to customers in turbine retrofit situations. Our vast experience with delivering clean air and continued support for a broad range of gas turbine brands give us the ability to design a solution that fits your unique need, regardless of the level of the refurbishment project. Our single-solution approach reduces cost and risk for turbine retrofit projects.

While we can supply a broad set of filtration components built to industry standards, we know that isn’t enough. Today’s critical power markets almost always require custom-engineered solutions to achieve optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. This requires unprecedented expertise, technical capability and commitment – ensuring a solution that meets the specific requirements of your project can be delivered and implemented cost-effectively and with the quality to stand up to rigorous environmental challenges. With retrofit situations, experience with specific turbine brands to ensure component compatibility to minimize project cost and risk is also critical.

At Universal AET, we’ve been custom-engineering and perfecting air management solutions for more than a half-century for both new and retrofit initiatives. We bring proven global experience with custom-designed systems currently installed on all major turbine brands including GE, Siemens-Westinghouse, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney and ABB. Whether you need a filter cartridge replacement or a complete intake system to meet your retrofit project, we are your best single-source option.

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Designing the Best Retrofit Filtering Solution

Our unmatched quality standards – a level of engineering experience not found in other suppliers – and willingness to stand by your side, sharing project demands as a true partner make Universal AET your trusted single source for filtering solutions for your turbine retrofit filtering needs. With global sourcing capabilities and owned manufacturing capability, whether you need a single cartridge component or a complete intake system, we can help ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality standard and custom-engineered components, backed by the total project support that ensures on-time delivery, lower costs, and complete after-installation support. We are the true single source for the best possible filtering solution to meet your unique requirements.